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My name is RutiAna Lupson-Darnell and I am a Photographer and Artist based in Leicester. I have worked in the Wedding industry for several years before moving on to MotorBikes, MotorSports, Brands, Businesses and Music Artists. 

I’ve been an Artist for most of my life and pursued in to photography in 2015. It was from my first wedding that I quickly fell in love with photography. the feedback and the way my images positively affected people really made a in packed on my life and I have never looked back. 

I have worked behind and in front of the camera, learning skills like directing, communication, framing and setting up various types of equipment. 

I am a BA Graduate from De Montfort University in Photography and Video making. for my final Major Project I delve into the world of Motor Bikes and my hopes are to continue on with this Project and to one day open my own studio in Leicester. 

RutiAna Lupson-Darnell CV

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Businesses i have worked with as well as Current clients and projects 

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